5 Entrepreneurs I Watch On Youtube

Like most Entrepreneurs, I tend to watch a lot of Youtube.

I only tend to watch videos I can learn from, rather than watching the usual trending nonsense.

You know the sort.

Cats rolling around with plastic cups on their heads or someones dog barking at their own tail.

I look to learn from people who can further my goals.

Teach me things that I can apply or change in my life.

As a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur it is very important to allocate your time very carefully and utilize it to its full potential.

You should endeavor to use every waking minute to your advantage and take every opportunity to learn.

Here I will put up 5 Entrepreneurs I watch on a weekly and in some cases, daily basis.

This list is not meant to be a “top 5” and are not in any kind of order.

It is meant to show you Youtube channels you may not have encountered, but may benefit from.

All have different styles, but all have knowledge to offer.

I will also link to any books they may have published.




Gary Vanerchuk.


One of the best known, and in my opinion, best entrepreneur motivators active today.

If you haven’t heard of him, then prepare for your life to turn for the better.

Here is a link to his Youtube Channel




This is one of his books that I have personally read and it is fantastic!



Sugar Mamma TV


This Australian lady creates genuine and informative content.

She covers a variety of topics from entrepreneurship through to money management and day to day life.

Here is a link her Youtube channel



This is her book available on Amazon.

I have not read it personally.



Project Life Mastery


Stefan is very much about having a positive attitude and giving back to the world.

He has some awesome videos on his channel.

Here is a link to his Youtube channel





His girlfriend Tatiana also has a great channel.

So I will include her in this section.

Here is a link to her Youtube Channel



This is Stefan’s book on Amazon.

I have not read it myself.



Β Dan Lok


Dan Lok is a very upfront talking guy, but he knows what he’s talking about.

He has a lot of great videos on Youtube.

Here is a link to his Youtube channel




Here is Dan’s book on Amazon.

I have read it personally and enjoyed it.



Alex Becker


Alex Becker is loud and doesn’t mince his words.

His channel is full of useful content and easily one of my favorite Youtube channels

Here is a link to his Youtube channel.




Here is Becker’s Book on Amazon

I have read it and go back to it often.




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