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5 Reasons To Become A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur

In this article, we will look at reasons why you should become a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.

There are many reasons to become a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur and in this article, we will look at what I consider to be the best of the many.

First of all, I would like to clear up a myth before we delve into the main order of business.

The word “Entrepreneur” has long been synonymous with visions of multi-millionaires flaunting their self-created wealth.

You know the exact stereotype I’m referring to.

It is usually pushed out by people trying to sell you a course or seminar that they claim will give you that life.

Exotic cars, yachts, beaches, mansions, and models.

We all know the drill.

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of entrepreneurs living that lifestyle.

There is, however, many times more who achieve that level of success and live quietly without all the flash and sparkle.

The truth is that there is actually a far larger number of entrepreneurs who make money to support themselves or just to make a little extra money each month.

Making enough to quit your job and live off your own skillset qualifies as an entrepreneur.

Do not think that when choosing to become an entrepreneur that you have to be making 7 figures a year to be classed as successful.

If you choose to become self-employed and use your skillset to replace your job income, then guess what?

You are more successful than the vast majority of the population who have to trudge off to work day after day, decade after decade.

You are also an entrepreneur.

I mention this to put reality into the topic.

Do not go into being an entrepreneur thinking it’s all assured mansions and yachts and also do not let the prospect of attempting to make millions loom over you or even deter you.

Replacing your job with your own income is the first order of business.

So, let’s look at 5 reasons to become a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.

Worry about learning to conquer the world after you have conquered your own life.


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Although a cool-sounding title, “Lone Wolf Entrepreneur” is far more than just a cool tag.

It is a lifestyle and way of thinking.

The mentality is very much centered around being self-motivated and self-disciplined.

Their businesses are usually based online and they have the freedom to set their own schedule.

They are self-employed and answer to no one.

In this article, we will look at the concept of the Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.


What Is A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur




Reason 1 – Job Loss


Since the outbreak, there are very few people who can truly say with any degree of honesty to themselves that they are 100% secure at their job.

Many have already lost their jobs and large numbers of businesses are currently struggling due to various policies that are causing low foot traffic.

The chances of many more job losses as time progresses are not to be disregarded.

With talk of further lockdowns and future waves of infection, things are not looking great for many employees.

A lot of businesses have realized that selling their products online is becoming more effective than having a physical location.

In my opinion, this could lead to future job losses as companies choose, or are forced, to close physical locations and expand their online infrastructure.

As more people lose their jobs, local economies will suffer from a downturn in local spending.

This could cause even more businesses to close and also force people to shop online due to the lack of stores in their local area.

You may be reading this and thinking.

“It’s OK I don’t work in a retail store”

No, but your employer still relies on the local economy for customers in most cases.

So, if local people are not employed, they will not be spending locally.

This does not apply to every business, but most have at least a portion of their revenue from the local population.

This alone is a great reason to become a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.

During the lockdown, as many businesses were suffering from being forced to close, do you know who was booming?

Businesses that could sell online.

When the world was locked indoors, most people were trawling online.

A lot were even forced to shop online for basic goods as the local stores were either closed or out of stock due to supply disruption.

This is why I suggest that people learn how to set up their own income streams, especially online.

If you lose your job, or if there is another lockdown, you can still be earning money online while at home.

This is why I advocate that people learn the skill set needed to succeed as a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur to ensure they have either established income streams, or the knowledge to create some if they find themselves unemployed.

To me, having the ability to provide for yourself and your family, independent of the whims of an employer, should be one of every persons priorities in life.

It is certainly a far better reason to learn the skill set than purely to amass toys such as jet skis and luxury brand clothes as most of today’s entrepreneurs would have you believe.



Reason 2 – Extra Money


A lot of you reading this may be wanting to become an entrepreneur in order to have lots of money to buy whatever your heart desires.

Nothing wrong with this and of course I encourage people to aim as high as possible in life.

There will most likely be others reading this who may have some financial issues at the current time.

It could be credit card debt, student loans, simply struggling to make ends meet, or any other of a host of issues.

If you are one of those people then I applaud you for wanting to become an entrepreneur and being motivated to better your situation.

Yet more people may be students who are aiming to help pay their way through college or retirees looking for extra income streams.

Whatever the case, everyone likes to have extra money coming in every month.

Some people will start a small online business in order to bring in extra money to supplement their current job income.

They may work on their projects after work and on their days off.

The money may be used to help with bills, pay off a mortgage or other debt, acquire financial assets such as stocks, or simply for the little extras in life such as vacations.

Creating extra income streams as a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur is usually a precursor to being able to replace a job income altogether and to enable more free time to create more income streams.

Having extra income and utilizing it correctly to pay down liabilities and acquire assets is again something everyone should aim for.



Reason 3 – Freedom


Granted as a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur you will be alone when doing all the work required for your ventures.

The amount of time and effort required for this will be dictated by the complexity of your business model and the height of your ambitions

Most entrepreneurs, Lone Wolf and otherwise, often find that they work many more hours per week than they ever would have at their old job.

But rare is the successful entrepreneur that will ever want to quit it all for a normal job and schedule.

This is where the freedom aspect comes into play.


If you wish to be successful you must work hard and do what is required for as long as is needed.

If your venture needs you to work 12 hours a day for 6 days a week, then so be it.

If you wish to be successful you must pay the price of effort required.

You can, however, unlike an employee, take time off whenever you want or need to.

No asking for the boss for permission to have time off or to have to base around the dates he allows due to scheduling around other employees.

No having to “call out” in an emergency or when you are ill and having the boss griping because of him having to arrange for other workers to cover your schedule.


Being an entrepreneur allows for a lot of freedom and flexibility in a person’s life.

The business model of choice of course will influence this to one degree or another.

This is why I consider a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur to be an online-based business choice.

You can take your laptop with you anywhere and continue to run your business if you need to.

Very few normal jobs can claim to have a self-set schedule and the ability to work from anywhere, at any time, at will.

As a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur, you have control over your own life in every regard.

You are also accountable to yourself and no one else.

You set and enforce your own schedule, solve your own problems, and reap your own rewards.



Reason 4 – Financial Security


I mentioned earlier that few people today can say that their current job is secure.

Considering it is most people’s only source of income, it would be wise to have backup income streams in my opinion, or at least the skill set to create them if need be.

Do not get me wrong, being an entrepreneur is not some golden ticket to endless prosperity.

It can take a while to get things up and running and you are not guaranteed success of any degree.

Success is dictated by many factors including business model, focus, effort, skill set, etc.

The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur will also have to be self-accountable for their spending, saving, and investing.

But, on the other hand, how many employees do you know who have become rich from working their job?

Being an entrepreneur gives you the chance to at least attempt to build your own wealth.

A job income rarely leaves enough money spare to truly accumulate wealth.


By learning to set up your own income streams online, you can set in place a structure that brings in money every month.

This money may be to supplement your wages or to free you from your job as I mentioned above.

It could just be extra money to invest in your future.

Perhaps so you can retire early from your job.

Perhaps it will produce money that you use to set up another kind of business to replace your current job.

Maybe you are currently unemployed and aiming to create your own income while you are looking for a job.

If you build up your business enough you may not need to!

Financial Security is in the hands of the individual.

Everyone should aim to ensure they have extra income streams to produce money to invest for their future or to cover an emergency such as a job loss.


Reason 5 – Legacy




An aspect of being an entrepreneur, Lone Wolf, or otherwise, is the ability to pass on your skillset and assets to the next generation.

A lot of people will work their whole lives at various jobs and still end up with nothing to leave to loved ones when they die.

Anything learned correctly can then be taught correctly.

You may actually be the first entrepreneur in your family, but it does not mean you have to be the last.

For example, you may have children and decide to teach them to have an entrepreneurial mindset from an early age.

You could possibly insure that your children never have to get a job in later life and instead are financially independent via being self-employed.

As I said earlier, you can always be a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur for the reason of building wealth via assets.

Personally, I see being a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur as a way to provide my own income, security, freedom, and to enable me to make enough money to invest in assets.

I often say that people should learn in detail about assets vs liabilities and how to build wealth independent of relying on pensions and government retirement programs,

With most incomes, it is tricky to ever build up a pension amount that will provide a level of abundance come retirement time.

It is usually based on a percentage of your paycheck, and of course, the lower the income, the lower the amount invested for retirement.

Even if you are a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur that still has a job and work on your ventures in your spare time.

You can still invest that money into assets for later life for when you retire and also to build up wealth to leave for the next generation.

Every Lone Wolf Entrepreneur should aim to be constantly building up their skillset and asset base.

Both of these can be passed down to future generations or simply used in later life to ensure a comfortable and financially secure retirement.



Most people think of becoming an entrepreneur and believe it is all about making millions and living like royalty.

The truth of the matter is, I see becoming an entrepreneur (Especially a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur predominately based online), as a way to create an alternative to employment.

As mentioned in this article, it is, in my opinion, risky to rely solely on employment as a means of income in today’s world.

Yes, there is the freedom aspect and all the other reasons in this article, but to me, ensuring your own financial security should be everyone’s priority.

Once you have that security in place, then you can always look to build up wealth, quit your job, become a millionaire, or whatever your financial aims are.

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With the current situation we all find ourselves in, with regards to the outbreak, not many people can say their job is truly secure.

Businesses have closed and it seems many more are struggling to the point that they may close as time goes on.

Even people who currently have a job are finding their hours cut as their employer contends with lower traffic at their business due to social policies.


Why You Should Become A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur


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Due to the massive changes we all now face in the world, I decided to completely re-do the website and start fresh.

Many people are starting to find themselves either working from home or out of employment altogether.

Moving forward I do not see good things for the economy.

I am not alone in this opinion.


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There has been a shift towards online shopping for years, but due to recent events in the world, it has accelerated.

With various social policies in place that restrict the number of people allowed in a location, many people are choosing to shop online.


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In this article, we are going to look at why you should start your own online business.

We will look at how the scope for online revenue is vast in both monetary value and also opportunities to take advantage of the online gold rush.


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