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    Wishing For Success Will Never Replace Hard Work

    Having the correct mindset is essential to any aspect of life, but positivity and wishes cannot replace hard work. Many people today have got into the rut of thinking that, so long as they “wish” hard enough, their venture will succeed. This is not to knock the law of attraction, and definitely not meant to dismiss a positive mindset. But, for some, hard work and a solid plan seem to come secondary. In this article we will look at the importance of having a positive mindset alongside a solid plan and hard work. There’s a Reason Wishes Cost A Penny At The Well…   For years now, we have heard…

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    How To Make Money During The Lockdown

    As I write this on the 1st of November 2020, the UK has announced that the country is going into a 2nd lockdown. I don’t think they will be alone in this move and that more countries and regions will follow suit in the coming days and weeks. I have no doubt that the economic impact of this 2nd round of lockdowns will be devastating for economies across the globe. In this article I am going to tell you of an opportunity that will teach you how to make money during the lockdown. This is not some half baked scheme. It is a viable, established, and very well known business…

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    Control Your Mindset – Control Your Life

      In any aspect of life, your mindset will heavily influence, if not determine, your results. As a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur, it is crucial that you maintain the best mindset possible at all times. If your mindset is positive towards a task or challenge, then you will give it your best and usually power through any obstacles or mishaps. If your mindset is negative, then you will approach tasks half heartedly and get sub par results. You will also view any obstacles or mishaps as far larger challenges than they may actually be. In this article we will look at how if you can control your mindset, you can control…

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    How To Make Money From Home

    With the changing world we all find ourselves in, many people are looking at the prospect of making money from home. With the global economy in a volatile state and many social policies in place, now is the time to secure your own income. Below I will talk about what I consider to be one of the best home businesses. Now Is The Time ————– Many retail stores are suffering due to reduced traffic, and therefore revenue, resulting from the outbreak. This is pushing many retailers to expand their online presence and produce their revenue via e-commerce. Some are projecting an online gold rush as more people either choose, or…

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    Entrepreneurs – Level Up!

      It is simply staggering the amount of time that people today spend playing video games. It is not unheard of, in fact it’s more common than you may think, for individuals to spend hundreds if not thousands of hours on a single game. Astounding levels of focus and dedication are employed in order to level up their character. In this article we look at how these traits can be applied to increasing a persons success in the real world.   Today’s video game industry is worth billions of dollars and rivals, if not dwarfs, a lot of other media formats in its scope of revenue. Although it may have…