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Be The Boss You Need Not The Boss You Want

In this article, we will look at how to be the boss you need and not the boss you want.

Working for yourself as a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur comes with a lot of challenges.

You are responsible for every aspect of your business.

Everything that needs doing falls upon your shoulders.

It can be very easy to procrastinate on, or even brush over, boring tasks.

But this is where the need for self-discipline and self-accountability becomes essential.

Working From Home Is Becoming Normal


Not so long ago, if someone said they worked from home, most people would be surprised, or label them as lucky.

But, since the world has changed, it is actually becoming increasingly common to know someone who works from home.

This may be by choice as people start up their own online businesses, or they may be forced to as their employer complies with social policies.

But, there is no doubt that the number of people working from is far larger than it was even a year ago.


Although it may seem like a dream come true for some people, being out of the gaze of a manager and co-workers, it comes with a price.

No matter if you are a self-employed Lone Wolf Entrepreneur or an employee, things have to get done.

You have to hold yourself accountable and exercise self-discipline.

You have to be the boss you need and not the boss you want.

Self Discipline


In order to work from home, and have any kind of success, you need self-discipline.

You need to be able to keep yourself focused and productive.

A lot of people will find themselves operating at far less than optimum if they do not have a boss keeping them in check.

There is no one telling them that they can’t sit on their phone texting or decide to raid the fridge for snacks.

Smokers can indulge at will, and dogs can get play breaks.

People will find themselves slacking off in all kinds of ways when they work at home.

People often see these things as “perks”

But, truth be told.

They can turn into liabilities if left unchecked.


The only way to counter this is by developing strong self-discipline.

I mention in another article, why you need to set a daily task list, about how allocating time frames to tasks greatly increases effectiveness.

But even this needs to be backed with self-discipline.

You can have a list, but it makes no difference if you do not have the discipline to complete it each day.


As a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur, you need to be able to put yourself to work and complete what you set out to achieve.

If you know that you are prone to getting caught up in text conversations with friends, then you need to put your phone away from your desk.

You could agree with yourself that you can only check your phone once an hour, on the hour.

If you think this is overkill, then ask yourself this.

Are many employers cool with you sitting texting on your phone all day if you feel like it?

Would a boss be OK with you constantly leaving your desk to snack?

Would your manager be OK about you suddenly deciding you want to take your dog to the park?

You are your own boss, you have to be the one to keep yourself in check.

You would not tolerate it from an employee if you ran a business, so why self justify tolerating it from yourself to the detriment of your own business?

Self Accountability


I mentioned task lists above and linked to the article related to that topic, but I will refer to it as part of this section.

When at a normal job, employees are usually expected to produce a certain, or minimum, amount of results per day.

A workload that their position requires.

As a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur, you also need to set yourself daily expectations.

A daily task list is one way of doing this, and the most effective in my opinion.

But, again, even if you have this list, it makes little difference if you do not hold yourself accountable for not completing your self-assigned tasks.

You have to ensure that you complete what you set out to do.

If you get into the mentality of, “Well, it’ll be OK, I can just catch up tomorrow”

You are falling into the trap of making excuses to yourself.

Like an employer, you have to know the difference between an “excuse” and a “reason”

Would an employer accept that the reason you didn’t complete your daily tasks was that you had a family emergency?

I would imagine so if it’s a one-off, random, and genuine event.

Would your employer accept that the reason you didn’t complete your daily tasks was because you were tired and didn’t feel like it, so spent the day texting your friend?

No, so why should you accept it from yourself?

Hold yourself accountable.

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There are countless people who work on their ventures alone.

It may be a stay-at-home mom who runs a successful blog.

It could be an author who self publishes and does all their promotion alone.

A YouTuber may not have a team that works on creating and promoting content with them.

In this article, we will look at some of the traits needed.


The traits needed to be a lone wolf entrepreneur


Be The Boss You Need, Not The Boss You Want


Working for yourself as a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur, you have to keep yourself in check.

You have to know your own character traits, as you would have to know your own employee’s traits if you owned a company.

If you spotted that a worker tended to cut corners or shirk off, would you tolerate it?

Would you class their character traits as an asset, or a liability, to your companies success?

You have to view yourself the same way.

If you notice you tend to cut corners or shirk off, then you need to pull yourself into line.

As sure as a lazy, or easily distracted, employee is bad for a company, you tolerating the same traits in yourself is bad for your business ventures.

Ensure that you build up the traits of self-discipline and self-accountability to a high level within yourself if you wish to attain success.

Hold yourself accountable as you would expect a boss to hold you accountable.

Be the boss you need, not the boss you want.

In the handbook, there is a section that goes into detail on the traits you need to be successful as a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.


Section 2


Desire and Clarity of Purpose.

Focus and Commitment.

Know Yourself and Your Habits.

Self-Confidence and Self-Accountability

Self-Discipline and Self-Motivation.

Creative and Adaptable.

Dedication and Perseverance.

Resilience and Realism.


The book also covers many other aspects such as, money management, time management, creating an optimum work at home environment for your business, and a step-by-step guide to setting up an online business.

The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.
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