The Best Online Home Business For Beginners
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Best Online Home Business For Beginners

In this article, we will look at what I, and many others, consider to be the best online home business for beginners.

The world has changed.

Many businesses are struggling or have even closed altogether.

Large amounts of people have lost their jobs, had their hours cut, or are fearful about the future of their employment.

Now is the time for people to take their financial security into their own hands.

It is a short and to the point read.


E-Commerce Is Booming


Before the lockdown, many people were choosing to shop online simply because it was usually cheaper and more convenient.

Going to a store or mall involved dealing with traffic, parking, crowds, and the limitations of selection in stock.

Prices were usually higher than online, so basically, people were paying a high price and enduring the above factors to boot.

People were realizing that they can shop huge inventories from the comfort of their own homes.

Sprawling on the couch scrolling on their phone or laptop yielded a better selection, with less hassle, for a better price.

Is it any wonder people were choosing to shop online rather than go to physical locations?


During the lockdown, people had little choice but to shop online as virtually every store in their area was closed.

Essential stores such as grocery stores were open, but due to panic buying, items were not guaranteed to be in stock.

People shopped for everything online, even groceries and household goods.

With time on their hands, many people shopped for all kinds of goods.

While traditional physical location stores were panicking over lost revenue, online stores had a gold rush.


Since the lockdown has been lifted in many regions of the world, people have returned to retail locations to find them either closed for good, or a chore to visit due to social distancing policies.

Combine this with the current waves of unrest in many urban areas of the world, people are returning to shopping online as their preferred option.


As many businesses are reporting low foot traffic, and therefore revenue, online shopping sites are booming.

Online Home Business


Online shopping websites rely on traffic to their pages and products as much as traditional stores rely on foot traffic.

Competition is fierce and heating up day by day as more businesses evolve towards gaining their slice of online revenue.

Many will use methods such as pay-per-click ads and social media to drive traffic to their product pages.

Most of the large companies, such as Amazon, will also use affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is a very simple concept and regarded by many as the best online home business for beginners


A person posts links to products and earns a commission on any purchases made.

If a person posts links to products on Amazon, and people go through those links and purchase, the person (Affiliate) who posted the links earns money.

If someone clicks on an affiliate link and spends $100, if the commission rate is 10%, the affiliate will earn $10 (10% of $100 = $10)

The more people that click on the links and end up purchasing things from Amazon, the more the affiliate will earn.

It’s as simple as that.

The price of the products is not any different than if the person didn’t click on the link.

Amazon pays the commission from their profit margin, the customer does not pay a penny extra than they normally would.

I can almost assure you that at some stage you have clicked on an affiliate link, purchased something, an affiliate earned a commission from your sale, and you were none the wiser.

Part of how sites such as Amazon became so successful is through implementing their affiliate program.

It is like having an army of people sending people to Amazon all day.

Many businesses have realized this and are currently implementing their own affiliate programs.

Here are some well-known examples.


Best Buy




As you can see, affiliate marketing is an established and professional business model.

Here is a video from the Amazon Associates Program.



Best Home Business For Beginners


Most home businesses will require all kinds of start-up costs, most importantly, inventory.

If you wish to have a selection of goods for your customers, you will have to pay out for multiples of each item.

You will also have to handle all of the shipping, returns, and customer issues.

Affiliate marketing has none of those requirements.

You are referring people to businesses in exchange for a commission on any sales generated.

If you post links to Amazon and someone purchases items, Amazon takes care of everything as normal.

To be quite frank, once they click the link, you are no longer involved, apart from getting paid commission on any sales.

It is very similar to giving someone directions to a store in town and telling them to say “Jim sent me” and if they buy anything Jim gets a commission.

The links have a special I.D. embedded that tell Amazon which affiliate sent them to the site.

I use Amazon as an example because pretty much everyone has heard of them and trusts them.

But countless large sites use affiliate marketing now.

After all, if it works for Amazon, why wouldn’t they?


Affiliate marketing allows you to work from home and your links are running 24 hours a day.

It is very common for someone to post some links on their blog or social media and still be generating sales months or years after posting them.

The more links posted, the more chance of making sales.

You may have watched YouTube videos and the person in the video has said “You can get this product by clicking the link in the description”

That’s affiliate marketing.

You may be surprised at how common it is, and how many links you have clicked in the past that have earned someone commission.

It didn’t cost you a penny extra for the product, and you probably don’t know to this day.

A lot of people are making extra money each month, and plenty are making a full-time living.

Yes, some people make absolute fortunes.

Thousands per day.

But I’m not writing this to give you hype.

I’m writing this to make you aware of the best online home business for beginners.

If they are making money, why shouldn’t you?


By learning the skill set for affiliate marketing, you can always apply these skills to setting up your own product business later if you wanted to.

Affiliate marketers are experts at getting people in front of products.

They know how to leverage social media, video channels, and search engines such as Google to send traffic to products.

If you have, or are, thinking about setting up some kind of business, then attracting traffic to your business is key to success.

Learning the affiliate marketing skill set will make you an expert.

A skill set that most business owners struggle with or end up paying someone else to do for them.

Some affiliates go on to become local online marketing experts and charge businesses to set up their online infrastructure because their skill set is so strong.


Further Reading




There has been a shift towards online shopping for years, but due to recent events in the world, it has accelerated.

With various social policies in place that restrict the number of people allowed in a location, many people are choosing to shop online.


How To Make Money From The Online Shopping Boom




In this article, we are going to look at why you should start your own online business.

We will look at how the scope for online revenue is vast in both monetary value and also opportunities to take advantage of the online gold rush.


Why You Should Start Your Own Online Business




With the current situation we all find ourselves in, with regards to the outbreak, not many people can say their job is truly secure.

Businesses have closed and it seems many more are struggling to the point that they may close as time goes on.

Even people who currently have a job are finding their hours cut as their employer contends with lower traffic at their business due to social policies.


Why You Should Become A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur


The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur Course


This book details what is needed to survive and thrive.

Some examples of topics covered include.


Desire and Clarity of Purpose.
Focus and Commitment.
Know Yourself and Your Habits.
Self-Confidence and Self-Accountability.
Self-Discipline and Self-Motivation.
Time Management.
Money Management.
The Internet.
Social Media.
Positive Mindset.
Health, Wealth, Happiness.

This book also contains a basic step by step to guide to setting up your own online business

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