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Black Friday Is Coming – Learn The Skill Set To Profit

If you are reading this article when it is first posted, September 30th 2020, you may be thinking I’m crazy to be talking about Black Friday already.

But consider this.

Many people are preferring to shop online these days for a variety of reasons.

But Black Friday this year is going to be a completely different experience than ever before.

Many businesses have closed and those remaining are contending with social distancing policies.

The crowds of people surging through the doors of stores may not be plastered all over the news and social media this year.

In fact, I’d bet against it.

Online shopping is going to boom this year on Black Friday.

Combine it with Cyber Monday, and possibly the rest of the holiday season, it will be a gold rush for online retailers and those who know how to profit from it.


Disclosure : Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


How To Profit From It



Many businesses are already either implementing or expanding their online infrastructure ready for the holiday season.

The chances of the various social policies in place being lifted in the next few months are minimal if we are to be honest.

This will mean that most holiday season purchases will have to be made online.


This opens up a HUGE opportunity for people who have their own infrastructure set in place.


I’m going to divide these into two groups.

Individuals and business owners.



Online stores are going to need customers driven to their products.

The competition is going to be FIERCE.

You can earn money from this by posting links to products in exchange for commission.

This is achieved by doing the following.

Most online shopping sites have what is known as “affiliate programs”

How this works is very simple.

The affiliate posts links to products on their social media, in the description of their YouTube videos, or on their blog.

Anyone that clicks through the affiliates links and purchases products from the shopping site will earn the affiliate a percentage of the money spent.


For example.

Bill posts links to deals on Amazon on his social media during Black Friday.

Multiple people click on the links and end up purchasing various Black Friday deals.

We will use 10% as an example commission rate.

When all the sales of the multiple people are totaled up, it totals $15000.

Bill earns 10% of the total which is $1500.


Sounds great right?

Well, it’s not just Amazon that offers affiliate programs.



Best Buy




Pretty much any company you can think of has an affiliate program now.

To be truly effective at affiliate marketing and make real money from it takes a specific skill set.

Scroll past the business owners section if you want to know what skills are needed.


Business Owners


As you read in the section above, most online shopping sites have affiliate programs set in place.

These companies already know that the number one way to drive traffic to their products is by using affiliates.

The reason is that affiliates are experts at driving internet traffic to products.

They understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to get pages ranked in search engine results.

Traffic from Google, and all the other search engines, can generate a lot of sales if done correctly.

Affiliates also know how to leverage social media platforms and video platforms such as YouTube to drive massive traffic to products.

My question to you is this.

“Why don’t you learn these skills for yourself?”

You can implement the exact same techniques that your competitors WILL be using going forward.

The holiday season is going to be immense this year and online shopping is not likely to slow down afterwards due to social distancing policies.

Let’s be honest, if all the chaos resulting from the outbreak were to die down tomorrow, would online shopping disappear?

No, it is the key to the kingdom.

People are glued to their phones and think nothing of ordering products from their phone.

To be quite blunt, you would be crazy to miss out on the E-commerce boom.


Where To Learn The Skill Set



There are plenty of expensive pre-packaged courses online that you can buy that claim to be able to teach you “secret techniques” etc, but my advice is to avoid such courses.

The reason I say that is most of them have either outdated information or the secret technique will teach you how to use loopholes that will get banned from social media platforms.

The course I suggest, and the one I use, is the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.

I have been a member for many years and you can also reach out to me there if you join and have questions.

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you the benefits.


Here are some key facts.

Free to join

1.4 million members.

15 years in business.

190+ countries.

All tools needed are built into platform.

Step by step training.

In – house social media platform that allows you to network with other affiliates and entrepreneurs.

Huge archive of training material and video classes.

Optional live streaming video classes.

Help available 24 hours a day.

In house affiliate programs that allow you to build residual monthly income.

Training can be used for any affiliate program (Including Amazon etc) and can be applied to other online ventures such as setting up your own product based business, YouTube channel, or becoming a freelance online marketing expert and setting up other businesses online infrastructures.

Everything you need to start today and be successful is available.


In order to join, all you have to do is enter an email and username, just like joining a social media platform.

No credit cards or personal details.




Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership



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