• the-traits-needed-to-be-a-lone-wolf-entrepreneur
    Lone Wolf Entrepreneur

    The Traits Needed To Be A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur

    There is a myth in circulation that there is no such thing as a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur. That all entrepreneurs are part of a team or network. I personally believe the opposite. There are countless people who work on their ventures alone. It may be a stay at home mom who runs a successful blog. It could be an author who self publishes and does all their promotion alone. A YouTuber may not have a team who works on creating and promoting content with them. The list is far too large to simply dismiss the term “Lone Wolf Entrepreneur” Granted, some entrepreneurs may reach a level of success and hire…

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    Lone Wolf Entrepreneur

    The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur Book

      The world is a different place compared to how it was in 2019. Many businesses are struggling and huge numbers of people have lost their jobs. Relying on a job for financial security has become risky to say the least. Even before the outbreak, the trend towards online business was growing year over year. With the various policies in place across the world, shopping, doing business, and even day to day interaction, are increasingly being performed online. During the lockdown, as many traditional offline business saw their income evaporate, those able to conduct their business online experienced a gold rush. Even post lockdown, most offline businesses are struggling, while…

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    Online Marketing

    Black Friday Is Coming – Learn The Skill Set To Profit

      If you are reading this article when it is first posted, September 30th 2020, you may be thinking I’m crazy to be talking about Black Friday already. But consider this. Many people are preferring to shop online these days for a variety of reasons. But Black Friday this year is going to be a completely different experience than ever before. Many businesses have closed and those remaining are contending with social distancing policies. The crowds of people surging through the doors of stores may not be plastered all over the news and social media this year. In fact, I’d bet against it. Online shopping is going to boom this…

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    Online Marketing

    The Best Online Home Business For Beginners

    The world has changed. Many businesses are struggling or have even closed altogether. Large amounts of people have lost their jobs, had their hours cut, or are fearful about the future of their employment. Now is the time for people to take their financial security into their own hands. In this article we will look at what I, and many others, consider to be the best online home business for beginners. I will also link to free training. It is a short and to the point read.   E-Commerce Is Booming ————– Before the lockdown, many people were choosing to shop online simply because it was usually cheaper and more…

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    Online Marketing

    Online Business Entrepreneur

    With the world evolving around us due to the outbreak, the way we all do business is changing. Many traditional physical locations are suffering due to policies that are causing lower foot traffic, and therefore revenue. The impact on businesses has been significant and many people have had their hours cut or even lost their jobs altogether. More people are choosing, or are forced by circumstances, to shop online. Many businesses, large and small, are increasing their online presence and infrastructure to compensate for this. We shall look at this trend and how Lone Wolf Entrepreneurs and small business owners can capitalize and turn it to their advantage.   The…