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Control Your Mindset – Control Your Life

In any aspect of life, your mindset will heavily influence, if not determine, your results.

As a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur, it is crucial that you maintain the best mindset possible at all times.

If your mindset is positive towards a task or challenge, then you will give it your best and usually power through any obstacles or mishaps.

If your mindset is negative, then you will approach tasks half heartedly and get sub par results.

You will also view any obstacles or mishaps as far larger challenges than they may actually be.

In this article we will look at how if you can control your mindset, you can control your life.


A Simple Tweak In Mindset Can Turn The Tide



When starting a business, or any venture in life, you have to approach it with the correct mindset.

If you regard a challenge as too hard, then just on that belief alone, you are hindering yourself.

This is not to say that you should look at serious obstacles and regard them as “No big deal”

But it is to say that you should look at how the challenge can be beat rather than how it can’t.

Instead of thinking, “How am I going to do this!”

Look at it from the perspective of, “How am I going to do this?”

That very small tweak in mindset can make a huge difference to your performance and end results.

The first mindset is already looking at the challenge as something that could defeat the person if attempted.

The second mindset is looking at the challenge, for what it is.

A challenge.

Something that CAN be beaten if approached correctly.


For example,

Two people may look at the challenge of writing a book.

The first has the negative mindset of “How can I do this!” and the second has the positive mindset of “How can I do this?”

The first looks at the challenge and starts thinking things such as,

“I have to write 50k words, go through and edit it, and then design a cover. This is a huge undertaking, I’m not sure I can do this”

The second looks at it and thinks things such as,

“OK, so I need to write 50k words. Then I will edit it and finally I will design the cover. If I break it down into steps, I’ll get it completed”


Do you see how similar the thoughts are, but how differently it is mentally approached?

Most likely, one will sit at their desk, staring at the computer screen, feeling overwhelmed and even daunted by the task.

The other will sit and start working on the first step.

This is not to say that the first will not complete the task or give up altogether.

But which person do you think has the best mindset and is most likely to finish the task in a timely manner?


A person looking at a task with a negative mindset will almost always start to make excuses to themselves and allow themselves to be distracted or stall working on a task.

“I’ll work on it later, when I’m in the mood”

“If I do it tomorrow, I have more time to focus”


A person with a positive mindset will look at the same task and give themselves reasons why, rather than why not.

“If I start now, I can aim to have 5k words done by 8pm”

“If I can clear the first draft by Monday, I can start the editing phase”

Which mindset do you think will provide the best results?


Approach tasks and challenges in your business with the correct mindset if you wish to see the correct results.

Not, “How can I do this!”

But, “How can I do this?”


Things Happen



Sometimes life can throw problems at us.

Perhaps a computer you use for your business breaks or you have a terrible month revenue wise.

Life happens.

That’s all there is to it.

The key is to keep your mindset in order.


If something bad happens, then look for the solutions straight away.

Do not get into a negative mindset.

If your computer breaks, then get it fixed or purchase a new one.

If money is an issue and you can’t fix or buy a new one, then work out how you can borrow one or use one elsewhere.

If you had bad revenue last month, make it your goal to work on having a better month.

After all, if the last month was bad, then it should be a low number to beat this month.

It’s a simple but efficient way of looking at the issue.


Do not let things get to you and drag you into a negative mindset.

Having a negative mindset will simply make everything feel twice as hard to correct.

You will waste time lamenting rather than correcting.

This is not about looking for silver linings, it is about looking for solutions.

Although you may feel like your mind is piled up with thoughts and problems, you can only actually think about one thing at a time.

Choose to select positive each and every time.

When you are stressed, it can feel like your thoughts are racing or your are hyper fiocused on one problem and all it’s accomplices.

Again, you can only think of one thing at a time.

When you have a lot of problems you tend to cycle through them in a loop, almost like a slide show.

You don’t actually think about them all at once.

Select something positive, and focus on that.

This is not to say ignore your problems and hope they go away.

Simply focus on finding teh best solution.

You will only find this by thinking “How can I correct this?”

You will not find it by thinking, “This is too much, first this happened, and now this has happened”


If you think back to problems in your life, you will find that they usually lasted longer in line with the duration of your negativity.

You will discover that once you accepted what happened and started to look for a solution, the problem was resolved one way or another.

Basically, it ended when you chose to end it.

Obviously, this does not apply to every situation in life.

But as far as business, lamenting this month about how bad last month was, is doing you no favors at all.

Focus on the solution straight away, and you will find the situation will be resolved a lot sooner than if you focus on the problem.

Control your mindset and you will control your life.

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