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I currently have multiple keyword-rich domains for sale.

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What Is Affiliate


With the current boom in online shopping and internet income in general, this domain could be an absolute goldmine in the right hands.

The domain name is a keyword-rich search term so it can draw in traffic purely on its name alone, with extra pages, blog posts, it can be used as an authority site within the affiliate marketing niche.

With the surge in interest in how to make money online, this can be very lucrative for someone who is selling affiliate marketing courses or memberships.


Here are the average monthly traffic results for the main search term,  “what is affiliate marketing”

This term alone has 32472 searches per month and typically results in 5521 direct traffic hits.

If further keyword-rich content is added to a site with this domain name, direct traffic hits can reach 10’s of 1000’s per month.

*Information from the Jaaxy keyword research tool.

The domain is listed for sale on Godaddy and will be handled through their service.

You simply buy the domain through their platform and they will handle the transfer process.

The domain is listed at $795 and is valued by Godaddy at $1335

If you are serious about affiliate marketing and want an extremely competitive keyword-rich domain, then this is an amazing opportunity.

Purchase this premium domain now before your competitors do.


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