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How To Conquer Self Doubt – For Entrepreneurs

In this article, we are going to look at how to conquer self-doubt for entrepreneurs.

Self-doubt is a huge obstacle to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Some will say that it’s funding etc.

Nope, self-doubt.

The reason I say that is, nothing gets done, not even seeking funding, if self-doubt is in the way.

“I can’t get the funding, who is going to back me on this anyway?”

“I can’t do this. It’s way too big of a project”

The key part is,

“I can’t”

Says who?


The people around you?

Did everyone else in the world say they will not fund your project?

Did you ask everyone?

Did you get a couple of rejections and give up?

Or did you tell yourself that no one will fund you?

Who told you it was too big for you?


The people around you?

Your self-doubt did.

Let’s look at how to conquer self-doubt for entrepreneurs.

How To Conquer Self-Doubt – The Self Imposed Shackles To Ambition


The only person who can truly end your self-doubt is you.

People can pump you up and perhaps even this article will get you fired up.

I hope it does.

But, nothing anyone says, or anything you read, will kill the self-doubt beast within.

It may knock it down for a while, but if it’s not dead, it will get back up at some point.

The stronger it is, the sooner that will be.

You have to make the conscious effort to knock it down and keep your foot on its throat.

YOU have to have confidence in yourself.

Confidence breeds confidence.

If you seek outside validation from people then you leave yourself open to their agenda.

If someone wants to see you succeed, then they will pump you up.

If someone wants to see you fail they will fill your head with doubts.

If someone sees that you are not confident in yourself, then why do you expect them to be confident in you?

If someone sees you are self-confident in your abilities, then most likely they will think you can succeed, because YOU think you can succeed.


Do not let anyone tell you that you can’t succeed before you even try.

If you have not attempted something and failed, then what evidence is there that you will fail if you try?

Other people’s doubts and/or self-doubt?

Do you see what I mean about self-doubt and letting other people’s doubts hold you back?

Based on what?


Let me tell you something about other people’s negative opinions.

They are usually given freely.

Do you know why?

Because that’s what they are worth.


They are free.

Pay their cost in attention.



How to conquer self-doubt for entrepreneurs?

Simply attempt what you want to achieve.

If you try and fail, guess what?

You can take a look at where you went wrong and try again from a point of experience.

By gaining experience you become proficient.

Proficiency is the key to success.

Proficiency is the cornerstone of confidence.

If you are confident in your abilities, guess what?

You will use them more often and in your favor.

So, now you have experience, proficiency, and self-confidence in your abilities.

Do you think that will lead you to success?

Or are you still caught up in self-doubts conjured up by yourself, or other people, without a shred of evidence of failure to back them up?


Whatever it is you are aiming to do, start now.

Not tomorrow or when you feel in the mood.


If you are at work reading this, then make notes for your plans and tasks while you are on lunch.

If that is not a possibility, then when you get home instead of flopping on the couch watching nonsense or scrolling on your phone.

If you are off today, then finish this article and get started.

You were scrolling online and took the time to read this article because you identified with the title and were looking for answers.

Now you have them.

Get started and if you fail you have a reference point of evidence so you can see where you went wrong and how to modify your next attempt.


Seeing as most people with self-confidence problems tend to use “What ifs” as an excuse.

“What if I can’t do it?”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

Then here’s a batch of “What ifs” for you to use on yourself.

“What if you can do it?”

“What if it does work?”

“What if the only thing holding you back is simply starting?”

“What if in 12 months you look back and thank yourself for taking action and achieving your goals?”

See how that works?


Talking of work.

Get to it.

Start now and see “What if you can and it works better than you ever dreamed”

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Hopefully, you enjoyed this article and it inspired you to take action.

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