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Is It Really Possible To Be A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur?

Is it possible to be a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur?

A lot of people, even famous ones, will tell you that it is impossible to be a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.

My answer to that is simply, “Why?”

Not all business models need teams of people to succeed.

In fact, there are plenty of people who work on their ventures alone.

People who find great success.

In this article, I’m going to debunk the claims and show that it is absolutely possible to be a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.

Why Do People Claim It’s Impossible?




People are stuck in the millions and mansions mindset


When the word “entrepreneur” is mentioned, people automatically conjure up images of jet-setting millionaires.

They connect the word to mental images of exotic sports cars, mansions, and luxury lifestyles.

Sure, this is the aim of many budding entrepreneurs.

But here’s the key.

To be classed as an entrepreneur, you have to be able to make your own way in the world.

To take your financial future into your own hands.

To assume that someone is not an entrepreneur just because they do not live the millions and mansions lifestyle is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

There are people who create their incomes and business structures alone, but live average lives, without millions and mansions.

Does this mean they are not entrepreneurs then?

They don’t have teams of people, and they do not have the status items.

So this means they do not qualify to use the title solo entrepreneur?

A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.

According to some online, it appears to be the case.

People are convinced you need a team


I have seen articles online that claim Lone Wolf Entrepreneurs do not exist, and in some pieces, that it’s actually risky and to be avoided.

Here is my take on that.

They do exist, in far greater numbers than the traditional, and apparently expected, form.


How many highly successful YouTube channels are created and ran by one person?

They work at it full time and provide their own income through their own creativity and ingenuity.

Do they need to hire some people, or partner up with others, to qualify to use the title entrepreneur?

Working alone apparently is not possible and such people do not exist.


There are people who run successful online stores or blogs.

They handle everything alone.

Should they hire some people to tape up shipping boxes or employ some extra writers to qualify as entrepreneurs?

See how absurd it is to claim there is no such thing as a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur?


Now, you will have people say, “Well, imagine how much bigger a force they would be if they had a team. Then they would really be making money!”

See my point of how people equate a price tag to the title entrepreneur?


There are many business models, predominately online, that are perfectly suited to being taken to success by a single person.

Is it hard?


But, that’s not to say it can’t be done, and that it is not being done right now by swathes of people across the globe.

If they are not Lone Wolf Entrepreneurs, then what are they?

People believe you have to have huge business space.


Many people have the notion that entrepreneurs work in huge sprawling office spaces.

The typical “start-up venture” office springs to mind.

Lots of computers and team meeting spaces.

So, if someone runs a small online venture from their laptop in their home office, and it brings in $30k a month.

Are they not entrepreneurs?

Or should they rent a couple of thousand square feet somewhere, hire some social media experts, and get an office pug?

People focus on huge well-known examples.


This really ties into the “millions and mansions” mindset.

There are some amazing entrepreneurs that have made millions, and sometimes billions, by using their entrepreneurial minds.

They are truly amazing people.

But, they are not the bar to be met in order to qualify as an entrepreneur.

They are the absolute pinnacle of success.

If someone’s paintings are not sold for millions at auction, then they cannot claim to be an artist then?

Conclusion – Is it possible to be a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur?


Let’s not forget, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, started the company in his garage.

At what amount of money, employees, office space, did he earn the title entrepreneur?

I write this article with a degree of humor.

Though it may seem like I’m ranting, I’m really not.

I’m just dispelling these crazy myths with the aim to inspire people to start on their own personal entrepreneurial path.

I think that it is ridiculous for people to claim that there is no such thing as sole entrepreneurs, labeled as lone wolves, or whatever else.

There are plenty of, probably more in fact, people who work alone on their ventures than there are who work in teams or have networks.

It could be they do not have like-minded people around them, or that they simply prefer it that way.

I for one, prefer working alone.

My ventures allow for it, and I really have no interest in having other people debating with me about how things should be done.

When I have worked with others in business in the past, I have been told I’m a great team player, etc.

So, it’s not like I’m anti team, or do not play well with others.

But, I simply prefer working alone.

I also know that I am far from the only person in the world with that preference.

I have met plenty of people who DESPISE working as part of a team and do any business ventures alone.

They have reached very good levels of success in business, and flat out refuse to work with others.

Their reasons are varied, some will say they do not trust other people, and others say it is simply because they like to do things their own way without having to debate or compromise with others.


Choosing to be a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur is a hard path.

I’m not disputing that by any stretch.

That is the whole point of this site and my book.

The site, at this point, is still in its early stages, and I’m still putting key articles in place.

Articles I will link to often as time goes on.

But the overall aim is to be a resource site for solo entrepreneurs.

People who choose, or are forced by circumstance, to work alone.

I will add articles about various tools, services, videos, books, etc, that solo entrepreneurs can hopefully get use from.

I will also use it as a store of reference resources for myself.

If I find it useful, or worthwhile, I will include it here in one form or another.

Be it a full article, or simply a link to the resource.


My book is a basic guide that talks about what I have encountered on my Lone Wolf Entrepreneur path.

Not experiences, just aspects I find are useful, or even essential.

Traits, mindset, as well as skills.

I have also included a basic guide to setting up an online business.

It is not all-inclusive or a blueprint.

But it certainly a good starting point for anyone wanting to get an online business up and running.


I hope you have enjoyed this article and taken it with the humor it was intended.

Granted, I am making, what I believe, to be fair points.

But it was never intended as a rant, and should not be regarded that way.


I wish you the best of success, and please feel free to take a look around the site.

I hope you enjoy it and share it with your followers.

Further Reading


Lone Wolf Entrepreneur Handbook


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Many entrepreneur books are full of fluff about making millions and living the jet-setting lifestyle.

Few of these books actually tell you the truth about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

When becoming an entrepreneur, you become your own boss.

This entrepreneur handbook will show you how to become the boss you need for yourself and not the boss you would like.

It covers everything from finances, mindset, traits, marketing, skill sets, a step-by-step guide to setting up your online business presence, and much more.

It is a book that every solo entrepreneur should read.

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The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur Handbook




Some entrepreneurs, whether by choice or by circumstance, work alone.

They undertake their projects and ventures without the support of others.

This may be just because they prefer it this way or perhaps the type of business model they use.

But the number of Lone Wolf Entrepreneurs is growing.

The ability to earn money online and work remotely is becoming very important.


Are You A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur




There is a myth in circulation that there is no such thing as a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.

That all entrepreneurs are part of a team or network.

I personally believe the opposite.

There are countless people who work on their ventures alone.

In this article, we will look at some of the traits needed.


The Traits Needed To Be A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur




Working for yourself as a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur comes with a lot of challenges.

You are responsible for every aspect of your business.

Everything that needs doing falls upon your shoulders.

It can be very easy to procrastinate on, or even brush over, boring tasks.

But this is where the need for self-discipline and self-accountability becomes essential.

In this article, we will look at how to be the boss you need, and not the boss you want.


Be The Boss You Need Not The Boss You Want


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