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It is simply staggering the amount of time that people today spend playing video games.


It is not unheard of, in fact it’s more common than you may think, for individuals to spend hundreds if not thousands of hours on a single game.


Astounding levels of focus and dedication are employed in order to amass skills and equipment in order to level up their character.


In this article we look at how these traits can be applied to increasing a persons success in the real world.


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Today’s video game industry is worth billions of dollars and rivals, if not dwarfs, a lot of other media formats in its scope of revenue.

Although it may have started off with somewhat humble beginnings with games such as Pacman, it is now quite literally a whole different animal.


Games now take years to develop and employ hundreds of highly skilled professionals.

From artists, coders, marketers, legal teams, and even A list celebrities.


As you would imagine, the budgets for some of these games to even get created make a lot of movies look like a bargain to produce.


For example, a quick Google search informed me that a hugely popular game called Grand Theft Auto V cost $265 million to produce. (Source Knowtechie.com)

The game also made $1 BILLION in its first 3 days after release!

It is currently sitting at $6 Billion in sales according to another quick search.

World of Warcraft at its peak had 10 million subscribers who were paying $15 a month to play the game.$150 Million a month….Not bad…..


So, obviously, if you are talking about these kind of numbers, you can bet that there is a lot of serious research put into keeping people playing, and therefore, paying.


This is what we are going to look at today.



I’m going to start by explaining a little about leveling up in gaming works for those readers who may not have played any videos games.

If you are versed in the topic of video gaming you may find the next paragraph or so pretty basic, but it’s worth reading it to see exactly where my points are coming from.


What is leveling up in video games?


In a lot of games they have a leveling system built in which involves the player spending time building up their character so that they can visit more challenging areas of the game world.

When a character levels, it usually grants them better skills, increased powers, and access to more powerful equipment such as weapons and armor.

This enables the player to then visit other areas where they can gain the points needed (Experience points) to gain levels and get even better equipment.


Some games also have crafting levels so the player can create more powerful weapons, leveling for mounts etc.


The amount of experience needed to attain new levels etc usually increases incrementally.

So a player may need 2000 experience to get from 1st to 2nd level, but need 500,000 experience to get from level 43 to level 44 for example.


This can take a LOT of time, focus, and dedication.

Bear in mind there are people who earn a living from playing games now and either enter competitions or stream themselves playing to followers who donate money.


I’m not joking, there is an entire platform called Twitch that is based around this concept.


Some games even allow, and encourage, players to purchase houses for their characters.

The player then of course needs to spend time furnishing their new abode.

So more time, focus, and dedication is needed.


Rest assured the gaming companies have deeply researched the sensations of reward that people feel in regards to achievement and advancement.

I will be completely honest, I personally have had my phases of substantial dedication to a video game.

There have been games in the past that I have put many hours, probably hundreds, into advancing my character.

Due to this I have realized just how crucial it is for games to be designed with this in mind.

In order to keep people paying the monthly subscription long term the player needs to feel invested in playing.

This is done via the achievement and advancement feelings induced when they level up etc.


Everyone likes to feel that they are receiving rewards for their efforts and are advancing in what they are doing.

Video games induce this perfectly.


A person may attempt something in the real world and receive very little, or no, rewards for their efforts.

For example, a person may work at a job for years and really put in effort only to see other people get promoted above them due to who they know within the company rather than their efforts.

This can lead to a demotivated employee that produces less than optimum results at work and even cause the employee leave to seek achievement and reward feelings elsewhere.


Video game companies are fully aware that people are heavily influenced by achievement and reward.

Therefore complex systems are put into place to induce these feelings and of course to make the game interesting.


Leveling, skills, powers, spells, equipment, mounts, houses, new areas.

The scope for progression, and therefore reward feelings, is huge and carefully designed.


That is a very basic overview of what a lot of gaming consists of these days.


So, lets have a look at how this translates into the entrepreneur topic.




Imagine all that effort being directed towards leveling up yourself!


So, we have established that people who play these games put in immense amounts of focus, dedication, and time into their online characters advancement.

Now we shall look at how these traits can be harnessed into literally changing lives.


Take a moment to consider what would happen if those hundreds of hours of focus were put into building a business.


Even half of that dedication and focus would be very likely to provide results.


For example, someone puts 300 hours into building a website and promoting it via social media.

There is more than a fair chance that site would produce money each month.

Now I’m not saying it is guaranteed, but, surely it is better to have a site that has the potential to produce money in the real world than a new sword for your character?

Why spend countless hours attaining a digital house in a virtual world when you could be building a business to buy a real home of your dreams?


There are many people that literally cannot wait to get home from work so they can play video games.

All day the have been watching the clock tick its way towards the time they finish so they can get back to leveling up.


Imagine that dedication towards building a business?


Just how much would their lives change if they built a successful business….


They may even be able to quit their job and spend their spare time building their business AND still enjoy some game time!


Are You A Gamer Or Do You Know One?


Perhaps you yourself put a lot of your effort into video games but have always wondered about starting a business.


You may know a gamer who you know has the potential to do well in life but they lack direction.


Rest assured, if you have the dedication, focus, and time needed to excel in an online games, then you have a firm foundation of traits for success elsewhere.


Some of you may claim you don’t have time to build a business.

I humbly point out the amount of time you find to play games.


If you are a gamer, you already have the traits and time required to level up yourself in real life.


Afterall, in 6 months time would you feel better knowing you are a business owner or feel better knowing you are a Lvl 65 wizard?


Would you feel better knowing you could quit your job tomorrow or better knowing you are off work tomorrow so you can game all day?




OK So What Can I Do?


You should aim to use your time to learn the skills and mindset needed to start a business.

I often recommend to people that they should start an online business.

The future, without doubt, is online.

Even video games have evolved from simple cartridges and disks to online.


Where Can I Learn To Start An Online Business?

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