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    Control Your Mindset – Control Your Life

    In any aspect of life, your mindset will heavily influence, if not determine, your results. As a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur, it is crucial that you maintain the best mindset possible at all times. If your mindset is positive towards a task or challenge, then you will give it your best and usually power through any obstacles or mishaps. If your mindset is negative, then you will approach tasks half heartedly and get sub par results. You will also view any obstacles or mishaps as far larger challenges than they may actually be. In this article we will look at how if you can control your mindset, you can control your…

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    Welcome To The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur! ————– Welcome to the revamped Lone Wolf Entrepreneur site. Due to the massive changes we all now face in the world, I decided to completely re-do the website and start fresh. Many people are starting to find themselves either working from home or out of employment altogether. Moving forward I do not see good things for the economy. I am not alone in this opinion. I truly believe that the economic ramifications of the last few months are only the beginning. Many businesses are currently looking towards online revenue as their traditional bricks and mortar stores are suffering from low traffic and therefore revenue.…