The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur Handbook


A Handbook For Solo Entrepreneurs


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Many entrepreneur books are full of fluff about making millions and living the jet-setting lifestyle.

Few of these books actually tell you the truth about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

The truth is, success takes hard work, focus, and long-term dedication.

It also takes a certain mindset and traits that drive the entrepreneur to success.

When becoming an entrepreneur, you become your own boss.

This book will show you how to become the boss you need and not the boss you would like.


In this guide, you will assess your own personal finances and how you came to be in the position you are in.

You will identify the traits you have that need to be eliminated and which ones you need to develop.

Learn how to set yourself a daily task list and schedule to maximize the use of your time each day.

A step-by-step guide on how to set up an online business and a step-by-step example of a business model set up using the guide.

The difference between building an existence and an empire.

These things and many more are covered in this guide to becoming a solo entrepreneur.

To be successful takes a certain mindset and skill set.

Do you have what it takes?

What is a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur?


Typically, most entrepreneurs are part of a team or have networks of other entrepreneurs, with which they learn from and share ideas.

The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur is a person who, either by choice or situation, works upon their ventures alone.

This is also dependent on the business model of the individual.

Some types of business models are very hard, or even impossible, to work alone on with any hope of success.

Other models exist that can certainly be run by a single individual.

Most of these ventures are usually online-based.

Online Stores, Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers, Social Media Influencers, YouTubers, etc.

Although some people work as a team on such business models, the majority are Lone Wolf Entrepreneurs.

All of the efforts are provided by them.

All the problems are endured by them.

All the rewards are received by them.

The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur is a course that describes the traits, skills, and mindset, that a person needs if they are aiming to be a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.

The book also contains a basic step-by-step guide to setting up an online business.





What is a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur?

Why become a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur?



Self Assessment


This section shows the reader how to look at their current financial situation


Personal Finances

Spending Discipline

Overall Financial Discipline

Balancing The Books

R.A.D Reserves, Assets, Debt.


Traits And Mindset


This section looks at developing the correct traits and mindset to transition from employee to entrepreneur


Desire And Clarity Of Purpose

Focus And Commitment

Know Yourself And Your Habits

Self-Confidence And Self Accountability

Self Discipline And Self Motivation

Creative And Adaptable

Dedication And Perseverance

Resilience And Realism




This section looks at some of the skills needed


Time Management

Money Management


Social Skills




This section looks at some of the infrastructure you need in place when you are self-employed








The Internet


How To Set Up An Online Business


This is a basic step by step guide to setting up your own online business


Step 1- What Are You Going To Do?

Step 2 – Choose a name and research domains and social media.

Step 3 – Choosing a platform.

Step 4 – Choosing social media platforms.

Step 5 – Email marketing.

Step 6 – The basics of content creation.

Step 7 – The basics of SEO

Step 8 – Promotion


Online Business Example


A step by step example of how to put the previous sections basic online course into action


Step 1 – What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Step  2 – Choose A Niche.

Step 3 – How To Find Affiliate Programs.

Step  4 – Research Domain and Keywords.

Step 5 – Set Up A Blog.

Step 6 – Monetization.

Step 7 – Driving Traffic To Your Blog.

Course Conclusion.


Empire Vs Existence


This section looks at the differences between building an income and building long term wealth


Run Your Life Like A Business

Aim To Be Financially Independent ASAP


Opportunities In Chaos


This section looks at the possibilities for profit and wealth building in the new post-outbreak world


Stay Aware Of The Situation

Learn The Stock Market

Real Estate

Stock Sector Examples

Assets Vs Liabilities

Health, Wealth And Happiness

Give Back






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With the current situation we all find ourselves in, with regards to the outbreak, not many people can say their job is truly secure.

Businesses have closed and it seems many more are struggling to the point that they may close as time goes on.

Even people who currently have a job are finding their hours cut as their employer contends with lower traffic at their business due to social policies.


Why You Need To Become A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur




There has been a shift towards online shopping for years, but due to recent events in the world, it has accelerated.

With various social policies in place that restrict the number of people allowed in a location, many people are choosing to shop online.


How To Profit From The Online Shopping Boom


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