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The New Lone Wolf Entrepreneur YouTube Channel

I have just uploaded the second video to the new Lone Wolf Entrepreneur YouTube Channel.

It is a promotional trailer for the Lone Wolf Entrepreneur Handbook and only the second video I have ever made in my life.

I’m quite happy with the way it has turned out, but I’m sure in the future, with experience, I will look to remake it as my skills progress.

But that is all part of being a solo entrepreneur.

Experimenting and gaining experience.

Trail and error.

In this article, I will briefly give an overview of my plans for the channel going forward.

The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur YouTube Channel



The overall plan I have for the YouTube channel is to create motivational videos, mainly as slide shows, until I become proficient at making videos and then I will look towards progressing into other aspects.

The other aspects I am considering are educational-type videos and perhaps product reviews.

I may also consider interviewing other solo entrepreneurs in the future, either in person, or perhaps by video conference.

We shall see how things move along.

What I will not do is to create the usual entrepreneur fluff videos that claim millions and mansions within months.

I will always keep it down to earth, as I do with every aspect of The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur project.

The First Two Videos On The Channel


Are You A Solo Entrepreneur? – A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur?


Solo Entrepreneur’s Handbook – The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur


If you enjoyed the videos and are interested to see how the channel evolves, please consider subscribing to the channel.

The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur YouTube Channel

Lone Wolf Entrepreneur Handbook


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In this article, we look at the tools I used to make my first YouTube video.

Last night I uploaded the first-ever video to the Lone Wolf Entrepreneur YouTube channel.

It was the first time I had ever attempted to create a video, and I was actually quite happy with how it turned out.

Especially for my first attempt.

I used text-to-speech software and found it to be very easy to use.

Below I will show the video and describe the tools I used to make my first YouTube video and also list my plans for the channel as it moves forward.


The tools I used to create my first YouTube video




As an entrepreneur, it can be useful to follow the successful and well-known entrepreneurs on social media.

They will often put outposts or videos full of useful information.

In this post I will share videos and links to the channels of some entrepreneurs you should consider following and paying attention to.

So, here are 5 YouTube channels for entrepreneurs.


5 YouTube channels for entrepreneurs


Check Out The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur Resource Page




Entrepreneur Resource Page


Social Media






More platforms coming very soon and an app is in development!

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