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The Tools I Used To Make My First YouTube Video

In this article, we look at the tools I used to make my first YouTube video.

Last night I uploaded the first-ever video to the Lone Wolf Entrepreneur YouTube channel.

The video looks at the basic concept of the Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.

It was the first time I had ever attempted to create a video, and I was actually quite happy with how it turned out.

Especially for my first attempt.

I used text-to-speech software and found it to be very easy to use.

Below I will show the video and describe the tools I used to make my first YouTube video and also list my plans for the channel as it moves forward.

The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur YouTube


So to begin, here is the video.


If you wish to subscribe to the channel (I’d really appreciate it!) then simply head over to the main channel page.

The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur YouTube Channel

The Tools I Used To Make My First YouTube Video



Creating the video only took a few hours in total.

Most of the time I actually spent finding these tools and selecting which ones I wanted to use and how.

Text To Speech Software.


For the text to speech I used Amazon Polly

I used the free version and found it to be far better than most other similar software I tried.

Granted, it is not perfect, but it is way better than most and very easy to use.

You simply type up the text, select the voice you want over your video and then preview it.

Once you are happy with the result, then simply download it as an MP3 file ready to be inserted into your video editing software.


Here is a link to the Amazon Polly Homepage

Here is a video about Amazon Polly.


Video Editing Software.


I already have an older version of Sony Vegas that I bought for an old venture years ago, but I never actually used it due to a change in plans.

For this video, I used the free trial of the Sony Vegas PRO 18

I found the software very easy to use.

I simply uploaded all the elements I wanted in my video, pictures, stock video clips, and the text-to-speech MP3 file.

Some lining up and trimming etc and my video was complete.

I rendered it to MP4 format, downloaded it, and had no issues uploading it to YouTube.

A great software that I strongly suggest you look into if you are interested in creating and editing your own videos.

When my free trial ends I am going to move to the paid service, because I truly think it is worth it.

I’m really glad I used this as one of the tools I used to create my first YouTube video.


Here is the homepage for the software

Sony Vegas Pro 18

Here is a trailer for the software.


Stock Video Footage.


For the stock footage, I used Clipstock.

They have an awesome free trial and I will be subscribing to their full service.

As far as the price they seem to be significantly cheaper than any other sites I have encountred.

I simply selected the clips I wanted, downloaded them as MP4 files and re-uploaded them into Sony Vegas ready for editing.

I contacted their customer service regarding copyright etc and found them to reply very promptly and in a friendly and professional manner.


Here is their homepage Clipstock

Here is a trailer for their services


Book Promo Stills.


To create the book promo stills at the end of the video, and the thumbnail for Youtube, I used Canva.

Canva is a fantastic free design tool.

You can create everything from Instagram posts, to Tik Tok videos, Book covers, just about anything you can think of.

There is also a paid option in which you can buy premium assets such s stock pictures and even video footage.

Canva is amazing and I strongly suggest you take a look at them for your next project.


Here is the Canva Homepage

Here is a trailer for their services


Stock Pictures


For the stock pictures, I used Bigstock.

I used the credit pack, although they do offer paid subscription models, I don’t feel it fits my needs at the moment because I don’t download large amounts of their pictures.

A credit pack is a great option if, like me, you only intend to use pictures as and when you need them as opposed to needing new ones every single day.

They apparently do not have a YouTube channel, so I cannot put a video up for them, but below is a link to their homepage.





I saw creating my first YouTube video as a daunting task before I started.

But, after I went through the process, it is actually not bad at all.

In fact, I found it quite enjoyable and I’m looking forward to making more videos as opposed to dreading it or seeing it as a huge task.

Granted, my first video is far from a masterpiece, but the tools I described above made the process a whole lot easier than I expected.

In the coming future, once I have made a few more videos, I will do a more in-depth guide to the process and may review each of the products and services individually to list their Pros and Cons.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the tools I used to create my first YouTube video.


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