What Do You Want?

Ask the majority of people “What do you want?”

You will get a variety of answers.

“I wanna be rich!”

“I want to be a millionaire!”

“I want to quit my job!”

I could add a dozen more such common responses.

But ask the same people exactly how they intend to achieve what they want and you will almost always get vague answers.

“I’m going to start a business”

Is easily the most common answer.

Most people will be full of ideas, but few have any semblance of a concrete plan.

In this article we will look at how to find out what you want and how to actually to achieve it.

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I’m sure as you are reading this article you have a laundry list of things you want in life.

I’m also sure that in most cases, you only have a vague idea on what it takes to achieve what you want.

As with anything in life, you need to know exactly what you want before you can hope to achieve or attain it.

Remember, if you do not have a path planned, you will not reach your destination.

If you do not truly know where your destination is, how can you hope to form a path?

Most people float through life like ships with no rudder.

They allow the waves of life to carry them along where it may, all the time dreaming of sunny beaches.

The lucky few may reach a nice life after the tides of fate carry them to a nice life.

Truth be known, most will just drift along for the rest of their lives.

The more unlucky ones will simply get dashed upon the rocks of life and end up financially drowning in debt and low income.

Let’s find out what you truly want in life.


What you need for this exercise.

A pen and paper.

A short period of uninterrupted time. (10 – 20 minutes should be sufficient)


Step 1

First of all,  write down what you want in life.

Absolutely anything can be on this list.

It’s your list, so you put whatever you like on there.

Here are some examples to give you the flavor of the exercise.

Quit my job.

A sports car.

A luxury watch.

A vacation to a specific place.

Be out of debt.

Get in shape.

A house in a certain area.

Absolutely anything can be on this list.

So take a few minutes and write what you want out of life.

If you really want to just put “A Million Dollars”, then go ahead, it’s your list.


Step 2

Now, go online and research the items on your list.

Seriously, have some fun with it.

For example, if you have put a”sports car” on your list, then go and research the car you want.

Go to the dealers website and look at the exact car you want, all the bells and whistles.

Note down the cost next to the item on your list.

If it is a vacation, then research flights, hotels, things you want to do.

Write them down and list the costs.

Do this as best you can for every item on your list.

Enjoy yourself, take as long as you want.


Step 3

Now put the items on your list into order based on importance to you.

Do not worry about price at this point, we will get to that.

For example, if replacing your income so you can quit you job is more important to you than a vacation, then put it higher on the list.

May I suggest that if you have “Luxury Watch” above “Getting Out Of Debt” on your list, you may want to re-think your approach to life.


Step 4.

With that simple exercise you have put your life goals and their true priority to you in front of you.

Take a look at your priorities in life.

Are you happy with them?

Do you see them as truly possible based on your current financial situation?

Do you truly think you can achieve them?

Obviously, I have no idea what is on your list, but most people’s are based around increasing their income.

The usual answer to this is to start a business.

My advice is before you attempt to run a business and it’s finances, you need to know how to run your life finances.









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