What Is A Digital Nomad?

So let’s get straight into this.

“What is a Digital Nomad?”

You may of heard of this term or you may be sitting scratching your head wondering what the hell I’m talking about.

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A Digital Nomad is someone who earns money online in order to fund a lifestyle of travel with no fixed address.

Usually found in coffee shops with earphones firmly in place frantically tapping away at a laptop.

“Ok, so they are homeless Warcraft players?”


A Digital Nomad is a person that has elected to live in a minimalist lifestyle and in most cases literally live out of their backpack.

So long as they have their laptop, online business, enough clean clothes, a valid passport, and enough money coming in to pay for expenses, they are good to go.

These courageous souls have rejected societies notion that you should go to college, get a job, and spend your life working to make someone else rich.

Most Digital Nomads (There are always exceptions) are not trying to get money to buy a materialistic lifestyle.

Forget the sports cars, watches and mansions.

These guys and gals are striving to stay free of being shackled to a job and all the soul crushing aspects of it.

If you asked the typical Nomad,

“Would you like a Ferrari or the money?”

Most would answer.

“Do you realize how far and for how long I could travel with the money it costs to buy and maintain a Ferrari?”

Digital Nomads seek freedom and experiences.

Offer them a seriously expensive watch or a year of traveling and living out of a backpack.

See which one they pick.



Here is a video to show you exactly what living their life can be like.

The video is from Youtube and from the channel ran by Chris Mosek


“OK, this looks fantastic! I’m going to sell all my stuff, tell my Boss exactly what I think of him and book a flight to Asia!”

Well, if only it was that easy.

Let’s get into the truth of the matter.

How easy is it and what does it really entail?

Deciding to drop everything and running off to live on a beach all day may sound fantastically appealing to just about everyone.


Let’s take off the rose tinted sun glasses for a moment and grab reality around the throat.

In order to become a Digital Nomad, there are a LOT of things involved.

It’s not simply a case of buying a laptop and an airline ticket.

You need skills, a plan, a budget, and a lot of knowledge on all kinds of topics such as tax laws with regards to working abroad.

What was that?

Did I hear the sounds of dreams collapsing?

Wait, it’s not as bad as you may be thinking at this moment.

Here is a very basic breakdown of what the lifestyle truly involves and what it takes to live it successfully.

If you cannot do the following, do not even consider quitting your job and running off to the tropics.

At least not yet.

When you are confident you are able to do these things, truly confident, then you can put it under serious consideration.


You Need Funds.

Let’s face facts, the vast majority of people need a job to survive.

A large portion of that majority could not last more than a month or two without the income their job brings.

Some people couldn’t last a couple of weeks, some could last a few months, perhaps more.

Before you even consider quitting your job, ask yourself how long could you last with no steady income?

Be truthful with yourself.

Add up every penny you have laying around and add up every bill you have.

Take into consideration, food and toiletries etc.

Yes, this is all relevant unless you are planning to live on Cup Noodles and not wash properly more than once a week.

Now, being a Digital Nomad involves living a minimalist lifestyle.

This means cutting all needless expenses, habits, and possessions from your life.

You next have to ask yourself the following questions.


Where Do I Want To Wander Off To?

The cost of living varies greatly place to place.

One country may be way more expensive than a neighboring one for a variety of reasons.

One city in that country may be very expensive and another may be most cost effective.

Public transportation and tourist accommodation prices can also be extremely varied from place to place.

Also, is the place you are planning to move to seasonal?

Some places are cheap at some times of the year, but increase significantly at other times due to demand from peak season tourist influxes.

You need to do some serious deep research before you just wander off unless you put yourself at risk of getting into a financial corner.

Not fun in a foreign country far from home.

You also need to look into amenities such as internet connection.

Most Digital Nomads use coffee shops as a make shift office due to the availability of free WiFi.

Never forget, if you take the plunge and adopt this lifestyle, the internet is your LIFE.

No internet, no online income.

No online income and life is going to become very uncomfortable for a Digital Nomad.

You also need to take into consideration things such as the following.

Any Visa requirements to enter and stay in your chosen destination.

Is the area politically stable? You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of a coup or social unrest.

Is the area you plan to stay a safe place for tourists? (Problems with crime for example)

How long are you planning to stay in that area and what will it cost in total?

How much do you need to earn a day to survive and put a little extra away for emergencies?

These are just a few examples of the important things to take into consideration.

I’m a thorough believer in grabbing reality by its throat.

I don’t believe in ignoring important aspects that can turn into disasters if they are unaccounted for.

You may see that as a slightly negative outlook, I see it as insurance against possible problems.

I would sooner be prepared for a disaster that never happens rather than learn by getting in a mess due to my own negligence.

That said, let’s move on to the next step.


You Need Skills.

Make no mistake, if you listen to the average online marketer, it is so easy to make money online that only a fool could fail.

Usually the same people will advise that you buy their “easy” path to fortunes in a course or E-Book they are selling.

The fact of the matter is this.

Can you make money online and live the Digital Nomad lifestyle?


But it takes skills, knowledge and experience.

It’s not just a case of deciding to make money online, posting a few links and suddenly you are self employed.

You have to learn things such as, how to build website, how to write content that converts into sales, SEO, social media promotion, etc.

A website takes time to build, especially if you have very little experience.

Quality content takes time to research and create.

Learning how to create quality content that converts is a whole other escapade.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes time to learn and also to take produce results worth talking about, let alone to live from.

Social Media takes time to learn and is so “faddish” these days that what is hot today is old news tomorrow.

The list goes on.


Once you have learned these skills and can use them effectively, combined with the time it takes to put them into action and build an online business.

Once that hurdle is cleared, you can live extremely well from online marketing.

Do not doubt the fact that there are large amounts of people that live from their online businesses, and a crowd of others that make millions per year.

So can you minimize your lifestyle, move to a country with cheap cost of living, and live the Digital Nomad lifestyle?


But my advice is as follows.

First of all you need to get yourself a nice cushion of reserve money built up and also bring your skills up to a level that is already producing what you need.

A lot of people will hate to hear that.

It pops their bubble of heading out next week, laptop in their backpack, ready to wander the world.

Think of it like sink or swim.

Yes, if you jump in and manage to swim or at least tread water, you are OK.

If you jump in and fail, you drown.

Better to paddle in the shallows first until your are confident enough in your skills to risk diving in.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Further down I will tell you ways to make money in order to be a digital marketer, but first the last two aspects I want to mention.

You have to have the correct mindset and a realistic, detailed, plan of action.


You Have To Develop The Correct Mindset.

It doesn’t matter what you attempting in life, you have to approach it with the correct mindset.

You have to be knowledgeable, disciplined, and motivated.

You have to know how to do something, be disciplined enough to see it through to success, and motivated enough by the end result to do so.

If are just thinking that you will dash off, work a couple of hours posting on Facebook and spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool.

You are wrong and set for failure.

IF, on the other hand, you are focused on building your knowledge base, disciplined to do what it takes to be successful, and obsessed with success…

You stand a more than fair chance.

It is a common part of life for people to preach to everyone how they are going to do something and they go quiet once the workload kicks in.

Everyone wants the good life but few are willing to pay the price.

But rest assured, you can live the Digital Nomad life of roaming the world living from your internet business.

It can be done.

People are doing it as you read this article.

You Need A Plan Of Action

While dashing off to wander the world may seem irresistible, it is better bound for success with a firm plan of action behind it.

You need to plan the following things at an absolute minimum.

Where you want to go and research al the factors such as cost of living, crime, transport infrastructure, as mentioned above in this article.

You need to research how much it is going to cost to live there a month to as close to accurate as you can attain.

You need to decide what online business you are going to do that will fund your life. (You are going to be self employed and responsible for producing your own income).

You need to make sure you are able to consistently generate enough revenue from your online ventures.

You need to build up enough reserves to cover any emergencies (This is not a maybe, its a must)

You should aim to join existing online Digital Nomad groups, forums and go to actual meet up events if possible. (Better to have experienced people on hand)

You should take at least several months experimenting with online income generation before even considering taking the plunge of starting to live the Nomad life.

You Have To Be Sure Of Your Decision To Do it. (Double, Triple, 100% sure)


My Advice?

If you can spend a period of multiple months focused and dedicated to building an online income at home and are still willing (and able) to do it.

Then why not?

If you are able to be disciplined enough to do that, then you stand a chance at succeeding at being a Digital Nomad.

What is better still?

You will get hands on experience of what it takes to earn a living online, without the risk of being stranded in a foreign country, broke and unhappy.

Who knows? You may end up building an online business that needs very little daily attention and provides enough revenue for you to travel in style!

It is possible.

Do not doubt that.

So your next question is…


How Do Digital Nomads Make Money Online?

SO, there are various ways to make money online as Nomad.

Here are a few of the most common ones.

Affiliate Marketing.

Drop shipping.

Free Lance work. (Such as being an online virtual assistant, graphic design, or writing articles for cash)

Travel Youtuber and Blogger.

E-Book Writer.

Those are just a few ways of earning enough income online to support the Digital Nomad lifestyle.


So I hope you enjoyed that article and that it is has at least made you approach the Digital Nomad topic in a realistic manner.

As I have stated, is it easy?


Can it be done?

Yes, absolutely.

If you are willing to put in the effort you will get the rewards, which is the same as most things in life.

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