Lone Wolf Entrepreneur

What Is A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur?

Although a cool sounding title, “Lone Wolf Entrepreneur” is far more than just a cool tag.

It is a lifestyle and way of thinking.

The mentality is very much centered around being self motivated and self disciplined.

Their businesses are usually based online and they have the freedom to set their own schedule.

They are self employed and answer to no one.

In this article we will look at the concept of the Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.


A Lone Wolf Entrepreneur is a person who, either by circumstance or preference, works alone on their ambitions.

Some are alone due to the fact they do not have like minded people in their life.

Others choose to work alone and traverse the entrepreneur minefield alone.

Which ever the case, the concept is the same.

They need to have certain traits in order to survive and thrive.

In the book “The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur” I will go into far greater detail.

However, here I will present some of the core traits that are needed.



Self Confidence


In order to be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to have a high degree of self confidence.

You have to be fully confident in your skills and your ability to apply them to their maximum potential.

Self confidence often stems from competence.

Competence of course comes from experience.

The Lone Wolf Entrepreneur has to be willing to adapt and try new things in order to build their skill set.

Trying new things always takes a degree of confidence in oneself.

Everyone has apprehension when entering new experiences.

As a Lone Wolf, the entrepreneur typically does not have a support group or other entrepreneurs at hand to encourage or help.

Therefore, self confidence is a core trait that is needed for any entrepreneur striking out on their own.

Again I highlight that self confidence often comes from competence but competence comes from experience.

As a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur, you should aim to have the confidence to try new things in order to acquire competence which will in turn increase your self confidence.



Self Accountability


If you are working alone on building success in your life, you need to hold yourself  accountable for your own actions.

You need to grasp the concept that you will rise and fall upon your own merit and efforts.

If you do not keep to your own schedule or follow through on your plans, then that is completely on you.

If you do not research your actions before taking them, then the consequences are all on you.

In the same vein, if you create an amazing level of success on your own, then the benefits are all yours.

No one can claim any part of your success as their doing.

However, without self accountability, you will not keep yourself in check enough to complete your plans.

It is a simple fact.



Self Discipline


Self discipline overlaps with self accountability.

If you do not have the discipline to fulfill your tasks and do not hold yourself accountable for your lack of self discipline, you will fail as a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur.

It is a harsh fact, but true whether you like it or not.

You have to be able to set your own schedule, plan of action, tasks, goals, and keep to them to completion.

It takes self discipline to get up and take action without anyone pushing you.

In a job you have managers etc who will push you and keep you in check.

If you are a lone entrepreneur, you do not have that aspect pushing you.

Therefore, self discipline is an essential core trait.



Self Motivation


The final trait I will touch upon in this article is self motivation.

Although you may see this as a very similar aspect to the others it is actually very much it’s own beast.

Self confidence will give you the self belief to act, self motivation will be the desire to act.

The desire to keep moving even when you do not want to.

As above, no one is going to be pushing you, so you will have to push yourself.

If you lack self accountability, you will have no real enforcement of motivation to act.

You will fail in this scenario.





As you can see, being a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur, you have to have certain key traits.

They are not optional, they are essential.

If you choose to become a Lone Wolf Entrepreneur, then you have to ensure 100% that you have these traits and exploit them to your favor.

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